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The Art of Family Dentistry in Boise

Jill Shelton Wagers, DMD

Mary Krajicek, DDS 

 Keeping Everyone Safe despite Covid-19
You will see some changes when you come in now that we are dealing with COVID-19. We call them...
the S-changes!
Screening questions,
staggered scheduling,
safety engineering (new Plexiglas shielding, new snazzy outfits),
slower service,
and no Spuddy. We know, bummer. Hopefully he will be able to join us again soon.

All set in motion to keep Safety first, but continue our great Service!




At Boise Bench Dentistry, we integrate the knowledge of tried and true techniques and methods with advanced technologies, materials, and literature to deliver comprehensive dental care to every member of your family. Dr. Jill Wagers  have more than 30 years of combined experience and share a deep commitment to our community and your health.

We are conveniently located close to the intersection of Cole Road and Emerald Street. If you head towards St. Alphonsus Hospital on Emerald, we are the third building on the right past Cole Road. Visit us today for a unique and rewarding experience!


Customized Treatments for Personalized Care

We particularly enjoy the combination of art and science that the field of dentistry provides and the powerful regenerative properties of the human body. We can help you restore stability, function, and brilliance to your smile. Each treatment is customized to your specific situation whether you need a small traditional silver filling or a metal-free esthetic crown done in one visit. Other services include:

Emotional Support from Our Friend Spuddy

Spuddy the emotional support dog - Boise Bench DentistryNot just kids, but everyone loves spending time with our emotional support dog, Spuddy. He is a seven-year-old hypoallergenic Golden Doodle who brings a calm and comforting presence to our office. He loves meeting and greeting each visitor, and is available to be present with you during your treatments. Being able to give him some love, or just having him in the room during procedures helps lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, improves your vascular health, and relieves anxiety. Spuddy’s presence during your treatment is entirely optional, but highly recommended!

Our Boise dental team is excited to share our passion and dedication for optimal oral health with you and your family. Call us today and schedule a visit!



Jill Shelton Wagers, DMD and Mary Krajicek, DDS
7235 West Emerald | Boise, ID 83704

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Boise dentists, Dr.'s Jill Shelton Wagers and Mary Krajicek are dedicated to general, family, and cosmetic dentistry with services including dental exams, dental restorations, Teeth in a Day, CEREC, dental implants, fixed bridges and more. Please call our dentists in Boise, ID to schedule your next appointment.

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