Fast and Convenient Same-Day Crowns in Boise, ID

couple smiling over grey backgroundBoise Bench Dentistry proudly offers a comprehensive approach to restorative care with exceptional same-day dental crowns designed to protect your smile. Using the highest quality of ceramic materials, we produce crowns that look and function like your natural teeth.

We design CEREC® single-visit dental crowns for individuals and families in our Boise community. Our office is near the intersection of Cole Road and Emerald Street. Drive towards St. Alphonsus Hospital on Emerald, and we are the third building on the right past Cole road. Call us today for an appointment!


Why Would I Need a Crown?

Dental crowns are an ideal treatment for restoring damaged teeth or for encasing a tooth after certain treatments, such as a root canal. Crowns completely cover the entire tooth down to the gum, protecting the vulnerable inner dentin, nerves, and tissues from further damage.

close up of dental crownsWe use convenient same-day crowns for various dental issues, including:

  • Restoring decayed teeth
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Repairing broken or fractured teeth
  • Finishing root canal therapy
  • Securing a bridge to replace missing teeth
  • Completing dental implant treatment

By preserving the natural tooth and original root, a dental crown can maintain your smile's structure, function, and integrity. With effective dental technology and our unique skill set, we help you receive a reliable restoration promptly.

What is CEREC?

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) is an advanced dental technology that makes getting custom-made prosthetics a quicker and more convenient process. With CEREC dentistry, you can get a new, permanent crown in just one office visit.

At Boise Bench Dentistry, we're committed to giving you the most advanced dental care. With help from CEREC same-day crowns, you don't have to wait to get a beautifully restored smile.

How CEREC Works

Creating CEREC crowns means no more conventional impressions, temporary crowns, or long waiting periods. CEREC uses 3D imaging to capture the image of the tooth by scanning it in just a few seconds. From there, your new crown is created digitally and engineered to fit perfectly. With the design in place, the milling machine creates your new restoration from a solid block of ceramic. The process takes around an hour instead of the two weeks for standard treatment.

With CEREC, there are no messy impressions and no lengthy waiting period. When you visit our practice in need of a crown, you can get it that same day in an extended appointment lasting two to three hours.

Benefits of One-Visit Dentistry for Cosmetic and Restorative Treatments

middle aged woman laughingThe most significant benefit of CEREC is the one-visit turnaround time for treatment. Because you get a permanent crown before you leave our office, you don't have to wear temporary prosthetics, which means no uncomfortable molds or impressions to take. It also means you don't have to watch what you eat afterward, and you don't have to come back to our office for a second dental visit.

A CEREC crown is the same quality as those fabricated in a lab and uses the same processes. They can last five to ten years or more with proper care. Our dental crowns are shade-matched to your natural teeth for a beautifully restored smile.

What is E.max® Dental Crown Material?

E.max is an all-ceramic glass that allows a maximum amount of light to pass through it. This material is translucent and creates a very realistic look. It is ideal for the naturally thin and translucent front teeth. The compressed process of the CEREC milling machine enhances strength and durability. With E.max crowns, only minimal removal of the natural tooth structure is required. This allows your tooth to maintain its strength longer, supporting your overall oral health.

"If you’re looking for a dentist with an extraordinarily high level of care, compassion and experience and who’s entire staff follows in these footsteps look no further. This is the best dental care available."  -  L.

Learn More About Dental Crowns In-a-Day

We make restoring and enhancing your smile possible in a single visit with same-day crowns and CEREC technology. Contact Boise Bench Dentistry today to learn more about our convenient crown treatments.