Emotional Support Dog

Here at Boise Bench Dentistry we know that going to the dentist can be very stressful and can cause anxiety for a lot of patients. We strive to make your time at our dental office the best that it can be, and the new addition to our team is here to help.

Spuddy is our newly certified emotional support dog. He is a 10 year old hypoallergenic GoldenDoodle, which means that he has a non-shedding coat that produces almost no dander. This helps prevent people that are allergic to dogs from having any type of reaction and makes him perfect for the office. Spuddy loves to be around people of all ages and brings a calm and comforting nurture wherever he goes. 

He is available for request during your visit at our office. If you would like Spuddy to be present with you during your cleaning, exam or procedure please let our staff know.

  It has been shown that interacting with animals, especially fluffy   dogs, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, lowers   cortisol levels (stress hormone) and so much more. Dogs are loving companions that have been shown to help procedures go smoothly and lower anxiety and fear levels in the dental chair. This has been seen expectantly helpful and effective with our special needs and younger patients. Spuddy has become very popular with patients here at our office whether it's simply just having him in the room or being able to give him some love during procedures and cleanings. Spuddy's presence is completely optional but highly recommended.

We know that you will love Spuddy as much as we do, he is excited to be able to meet you soon!

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